International Conference “Analytical Methods of Analysis and Differential Equations” (AMADE-99), Minsk, Belarus, September 14-18, 1999


International Conference “Analytic Methods of Analysis and Differential Equations” (AMADE) was organized by Belarusin State University and by Institute of Mathematics of Belarusian National Academy of Sciences together with Moscow State University and Computer Center of Russian Academy of Sciences. It was held at the Olympic Sport Center “Staiki” which is situated in 10 km from Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

The announcement of AMADE was published in Notes of American Mathematical Society 46 (1999) no.1-3, in Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis 1 (1998) no. 3, in Information Bulletin “Integral Transforms and Special Functions” (Scientic Group of Integral Transforms and Special Functions) 2 (1998) no. 1, in Newsletter “Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions” (SIAM Activity Group on Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions) 9 (1999) no. 1-3.

More than 320 mathematicians have conrmed their interest to the Conference. Abstracts of their reports were published in “Abstracts of AMADE”.

165 scientists from Algeria, Australia, Belarus, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Ukraine and USA took part in AMADE.

It was done 18 plenary invited lectures and 93 sections talks on various modern problems of integral transforms, special functions, differential equations, operator theory, approximation and fractional calculus.

Plenary invited lectures were given by the following mathematicians:

  • Burenkov, V.I. (Great Britain): Extension theorems for spaces of differentiable functions defined on strongly degenerated domains.
  • Gaishun, I.V. (Belarus): Canonical forms of linear nestatsionar system of equations and their applications.
  • Glaeske, H.-J. (Germany), together with Saigo, M. (Japan): On a hybrid Laguerre Fourier transforms.
  • Grebennikov, E.A. (Russia), together with Kozak, D., and Yakubyak, M. (Poland): KAM-theory and stability of homographic solutions of hamiltonian systems of cosmic dynamics.
  • Gromak, V.I. (Belarus): Isodromic deformation of linear systems and of p-type equations.
  • Karapetyants, N.K.(Russia): On a fredholmness of a class of Hankel operators.
  • Kilbas, A.A. (Belarus): Integral and differential equations of fractional order. Theory and applications.
  • Korzyuk, V.I. (Belarus): Conjugation problems for differential equations with integro-differential conditions.
  • Kun Soo Chang (Korea): Analytic Fourier-Feynman transform and convolution of functionals on abstract Wiener space.
  • Laurinchikas, A. (Lithuania):The Lerch zeta function.
  • Lebedev, A.V., together with Antonevich, A.B. and Bakhtin, V.I. (Belarus): Variational principle for spectral radius.
  • Love, E.R. (Australia): Fourier-style expansions in series of general Legendre functions.
  • Marichev, O.I., together with Trott, M. and Adamchik, V.S. (USA): The mathematical functions in Mathematica.
  • Mitjushev, V.V. (Poland), together with Adler, P. (France): Boundary value problems in a class of doubly periodic functions and their applications in porous media.
  • Nakhushev, A.M., together with Nakhusheva, V.A. (Russia): On some differential equations of fractional order and their applications.
  • Rogosin, S.V.(Belarus), together with Reissig, M.(Germany): Complex Hele-Shaw model with linear and nonlinear kinetic undercooling regularization.
  • Saitoh, S.(Japan): Various integral operators induced by integral transforms.
  • Yurchuk, N.I.(Belarus): Regularization by nonlocal conditions of the incorrect problems for the differential operator equations.

93 section talks were distributed in the following way:

  • Integral Transforms and Special Functions (14)
  • Ordinary Differential equations (13)
  • Partial Differenial Equations (13)
  • Different Aspects of Function Theory (12)
  • Applications of Differential Equations and Function Theory (15)
  • Integral and Functional Equations and Applications (13)
  • Operator Theory (13)

Proceedings of AMADE will be applied to publication in “Proceedings of Insttitute of Mathematics” by Belarusian Natsional Academy of Sciences. Part of reports will be published in a special issue of “Integral Transforms and Special Functions”, devoted to Professor Anatolii Platonovich Prudnikov (Russia) who was one of the main foundators of AMADE. Though his sudden death on January 10, 1999 was a big tragedy, participants of Conference have honored his memory in their reports.

I.V.Gaishun, M.V.Dubatovskaya, A.A.Kilbas, S.V.Rogosin, A.A.Sen'ko and N.I.Yurchuk

A note in memorium of Anatolii Platonovich Prudnikov


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