International Conference “Analytical Methods of Analysis and Differential Equations” (AMADE-2001), Minsk, Belarus, February 15-19, 2001


The International Conference “Analytical Methods of Analysis and Differential Equations” (AMADE-2001) took place on February 15-19, 2001 in Minsk, Belarus. It was a continuation of the International Conferences “Boundary Value Problems, Special Functions and Fractional Calculus” devoted to 90-th birthday of academician F.D.Gakhov (Minsk, Belarus, February 15-20, 1996), and “Analytical Methods of Analysis and Differential Equations” (AMADE) (Minsk, Belarus, September 14-18, 1999). AMADE-2001 was organized by Belarusian State University together with Institute of Mathematics of Belarusian National Academy of Sciences. It was held at the Olympic Sport Center “Staiki” which is situated in 10 km from Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

262 mathematicians from 21 countries confirmed their interest in the Conference. Abstracts of their reports were published in Abstracts of AMADE-2001. 138 scientists from Algeria, Belarus, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Kasakhstan, Kuwait, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Yugoslavia took part in AMADE-2001.

Four sections were working at the conference:
1. Integral Transforms and Special Functions.
2. Differential Equations and Applications.
3. Integral, Difference, Functional Equations and Fractional Calculus.
4. Real and Complex Analysis.

There were 20 plenary invited lectures and 124 sectional talks devoted to different problems of analysis and differential equations. Plenary invited lectures were given by the following mathematicians:

  • Antonevich A.B. (Minsk, Belarus) Homogeneous Banach algebras and algebraic fibering
  • Begehr H. (Berlin, Germany) Orthogonal decompositions in L2
  • Burenkov V.I. (Cardi, UK) Equivalence of embedding theorems for Sobolev spaces to some spectral properties of Neumann Laplacian
  • Volovich I.V. (Moscow, Russia), Radyno Ja.V. (Minsk, Belarus), Khrennikov A.Ju. (Vaxjo, Sweden) Operator of multiplication on the group of adels
  • Vu Kim Tuan (Kuwait) The Paley-Wiener theorem for Sturm-Liouville transform
  • Glaeske H.-J. (Jena, Germany) On a Hermite transform in spaces of generalized functions on Rn
  • Gromak V.I. (Minsk, Belarus) Discrete Painleve equations of the high order
  • Dzhenaliev M.T., Ramazanov M.I. (Almaty, Kazakhstan) On loaded equations with periodic boundary conditions
  • Dymkov M.P., Gaishun I.V. (Minsk, Belarus), Rogers E. (Southampton, UK), Galkowski K. (Z.Gora, Poland), Owens D.H. (Sheffeld,UK) Control problems for a class of 2d repetitive systems
  • Kakichev V.A. (Novgorod, Russia) Convolution of the Borel transform
  • Karapetyants N.K. (Rostov-on-Don, Russia) On a statement of the problem for equations with fractional-linear shift on the axes
  • Kilbas A.A. (Minsk, Belarus) Some aspects of the theory of differential and integral equations of fractional order
  • Lanza de Cristoforis M., Lamberti P.D. (Padova, Italy) An analyticity theorem for symmetric functions of the eigenvalues of a compact selfadjoint operator
  • Laurinchikas A. (Vilnius, Lituania) The universality of certain zeta function
  • Marti J.-A. (Guadeloupe, France) On some characteristics of Cauchy problems
  • Minyuk S.A. (Grodno, Belarus), Metelskii A.V. (Minsk, Belarus) On completeness of linear systems with a delay
  • Mityushev V.V. (Slupsk, Poland) Problem of R-linear conjugation and its applications in mechanics of composite materials
  • Rogosin S.V. (Minsk, Belarus) On complex variable approach for moving boundary value problems
  • Soldatov A.P. (Novgorod, Russia) To the theory of one-dimensional singular operators
  • Yurchuk N.I., Baranovskaya S.N., Yashkin V.I. (Minsk, Belarus) On the classic and the weakened solutions of hyperbolic equations of even order February 19th, 2001 was a memory day of academician F.D.Gakhov (1906- 1980), the founder of Belarusian School on Boundary Value Problems and Singular Integral Equations. His former students and uccessors gave talks at this day.

Participants of the conference were pointed out its high scientic level. Proceedings of AMADE-2001 will be published in special issues of the Journal Proceedings of Institute of Mathematics of the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences. A part of the reports was recomended to publication in the Journal Integral Transforms and Special Functions.

I.V.Gaishun, M.V.Dubatovskaya, A.A.Kilbas, S.V.Rogosin, A.A.Sen'ko and N.I.Yurchuk

A note in memorium of Professor Eric Russell Love


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